Since retiring from formal ministry, Fr. Bill has taken up writing. Below is information on his first trilogy of novels. His other books can be accessed using the same link.


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Shattered Triangle is a trilogy of books that spring from a brutal Los Angeles murder. They center around three primary characters—twin brothers Giovanni and Giuseppe Lozano and their childhood friend, Tom Moran. As the men grow their careers and interests diverge. Giovanni becomes a priest, Giuseppe a business man turned politician, and Tom a lieutenant in the Los Angeles Police Department.

In book one,
A Consequential Murder, the men remain friends from childhood but their lives are disrupted by the incomprehensible murder of Giuseppe’s wife and three children. The relationships among them are strained as the murder investigation unfolds and the truth emerges. The first book is narrated by Giuseppe Lozano.

Tom Moran takes over the narration in book two,
Beleaguered Truth, which is now in pre-publication. Book three, which has yet to be titled is narrated by Giovanni Lozano and is currently being written.



All three books are also available as audiobooks on

Shattered Triangle

Beleaguered Truth

Impending Fate


Science Fiction
Cosmic Consequences

This first book is set at the divergence of science and science fiction: Science confirms existence of multiple universes and science fiction dictates how to traverse them. In this story Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, serves as a portal to the multiverse. But is the quest for love worth the risks posed by entering a parallel universe? Jim Hoffenberg thinks so.

Download a free copy in English or Spanish - available in three different formats.